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Let Constance Take Her Girlfriend To Prom

Posted in Inspiration by thisjerseygirlinla on March 17, 2010

What is the big deal?  Two girls dancing together?  A girl wearing a suit?  Are we in the 1950’s?

Constance, I support you!

Join her FB page.


Genetically Modified Food & Disease

Posted in Inspiration by thisjerseygirlinla on March 17, 2010

Do you want to experience infertility, immune dysregulation, accelerated aging, dysregulation of genes associated with cholesterol synthesis, [faulty] insulin regulation, cell signaling, and protein formation, and changes in the liver, kidney, spleen and gastrointestinal system?

How about testicles that change colors, prolapsed uteruses, partially atrophied livers, and harmful bacteria that will continue to multiply in our intestines for the rest of our lives?

It scares me to think about what genetically modified foods have been proven to do to humans and animals.  And because our government is endlessly greedy and corrupt, we let the people who make the things that are killing us head the GMO policy for the FDA.

I don’t have health insurance.  And I don’t really like the idea that the food I am putting into my mouth may be killing me.  I am not as informed as I’d like to be, but I am learning.  I want truth.  And I want to share it.

If you care, please just read this article.


Posted in Inspiration by thisjerseygirlinla on March 15, 2010

So I watched Catfish last night… And all I can say is that it is mind-blowing.

It is a beautiful little piece.  And I can’t say anything else because watching it is an amazing experience when you know as little as possible going in.

So put the seed in your head to watch it, but please don’t ruin this crazy adventure for yourself by researching it and looking online for articles.

(And to the writers of those articles- you really suck.  Seriously.  You have just taken an amazing experience away from all your readers.  Even posting a synopsis is too much.)

Please let me know how much you loved it when you’ve seen it!


Posted in Inspiration by thisjerseygirlinla on March 15, 2010

It makes me so angry that the people who are most fiercely opposed to gay marriage… are gay.  How could you hate yourself that much that you not only lie to everyone you know and love, but also demonize a community you just wish you had the balls to actually be a part of?

It disgusts me how much these closeted politicians, who vote against every equal rights bill they come across, are creating a monster of hate against other Americans.  They perpetuate ignorant stereotypes, and promote bigotry, homophobia, and intolerance because they are afraid of themselves.

As disgusting as it is, it is also so sad.

Outrage is definitely worth a watch.

Food, Inc

Posted in Inspiration by thisjerseygirlinla on March 9, 2010

What is in our food?  Why do we not stop and think about it?  Do we really want to know?  We should.

I appreciate Food, Inc because it summarizes what we need to know to get us thinking.  It doesn’t spend the entire film on the assembly line horror clips we’ve all seen before on youtube.  Broken down into broad chapters, Food, Inc takes us on a journey of many levels to understand how ignorant we are about the very few giant corporations that are controlling what we put into our mouths.  We see how not just the animals are being treated (briefly), but the workers, farmers, and consumers.  We are given some history to understand just how this happened over time.  And we are given solutions so we don’t just stop eating altogether by the end of this film.  We are reminded that we can take the power back.

Their website provides ways to create change.  For example, they have a petition to sign so that children have healthy choices at lunchtime.  They also provide simple steps each person can make in their daily lives to change the food industry.

I walk away from this documentary a happier person because I am more aware.  And I write this blog in the hopes that I may inspire just one more person to watch it and think about how they too can create change for the better.

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